Мысли сказанные в некуда

Dreams which never came true …

This is a partly translation of the article which appeared on Centrasia website last year.

I am a mother and my eyes are burnt by tears because of thousands of kids of my country spread all over the world. I am a mother and I know how intolerably painful and hard can be parting. Just look around, where did the whole generation disappear – the generation which was looking at us from widespread “Kamolot” posters, students of “Umid” (“Hope” – K.) foundation smiling happily during a memorable filming within the precincts of Uzbek Embassy in Washington DC – inspired kids that believed in building of notorious “great future” of Uzbekistan. Where is that bright generation that we rest our hopes upon, why they are not near us? Remember how many of your acquaintances, students, nephews and nieces left and never came back. Like continuous flow our children left looking for better lot, because of inability to find their niche here and stand on their feet independently. Those who were less lucky went for slavery in Russia and Kazakhstan where being cheated, blackmailed and disgraced, they work hard gritting their teeth and send money back home where their parents, totally forgotten by the state, barely make ends meet. At sorrow moments they can just listen to the song “Ulugimsan Vatanim” (patriotic song – K.) by Sevara Nazarkhan and cry, since homeland is no longer waiting for them. I brokenly grab the phone and ask how is my sonny, begging him to take care of himself. He tries to appease me, but my heart is breaking. And there are lots of those voices over phone, can you hear that? What a buzz is there over country because of endless roll-call.

Look around, what is left? Who took those places which were supposed to be taken by our happy kids? Where are our Rostropovich’s, Eisenstein’s, Maria Curies, Mendeleyev’s? Wandering in foreign countries, trying to find a use for their knowledge and ambitions they manage it. Where are our young politicians with reformatory thinking, who could yet make improving of the situation possible? Why everything is given to dozen of stealthy ministers jumping from one position to another but unchangeably sparkling in political arena? Where are our children willing to work hard for the welfare of the country, but rejected by the state and remaining in fact lonely? What for did we brought them up, cherishing them? What for did we teach them to love their land and to be generous and honest? My son has grown to be a leader, to create youth movements, to sky-rocket like a bird conquering new peaks. But where is the place for smart young men in our country, where they most likely to be trampled down and crucified …


Август 5, 2007 - Posted by | Akuna - English, Государство, Общество

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  1. Если не тайна, автор откуда родом?

    комментарий от БAKИHEЦ | Май 27, 2009 | Ответить

  2. Пока прочитал только эту одну запись, если и все остальное точно также хорошо, то автору респект 🙂

    комментарий от чaтЪлaнбaзник | Январь 10, 2010 | Ответить

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