Мысли сказанные в некуда

What do Uzbek women think about sex?

This is a translation of the article which appeared on Centrasia website. Some parts are omitted.

So, imagine there is a charming young lady, physiologically ready for “exploits”. But what is inside her youthful mind? There is basically following: “No sex before marriage, because it is not permitted” – it means that she is morally confident that it is bad, thus not needed. “No sex before marriage, because no one will marry me” – that is orient social directive on pre-marriage virginity. Moreover, “No sex before marriage, what if I get pregnant?” – in other words – no idea about contraception, although she knows about abortion, but it is scaring, so the hell with damn sex.

Let’s suppose that the lady somehow followed the path of sin and vice and “lost” her virginity. If she had intimacy with the one who will marry her (either because of true love or because of threats), then at the first wedding night (in fact second) fiancé would cut, most probably, his finger to get some blood mixed with saliva and spread that on bed-sheet presented to all next day. If she took the same path but ended up alone she still has to get married and she needs to be “innocent”. In that case there is a place called TashMI 2 (Tashkent Medical Institute — Kamron) where they got used to make “sewing” as well as abortions. That means non-virgin lady is brought back to a previous stage.

There is certainly more problematic option, when the path ends with two lines on pregnancy test. Then she either has abortion secretly, followed by getting married being not virgin, or she keeps a child and forces him to marry blackmailing him. Another option is to remain alone with a baby and without any chances to get married.

Most probably she has a little idea about contraception. As for our men – they just don’t like it and say the same excuse like everywhere. Taking into account that man’s word is a rule for orient woman, you can hardly find anyone arguing with that. As a result women get a whole bunch of illnesses. As in other parts of the world our local men bring lots of muck to their women. My cousin having done the same justified himself saying that when he was in business trip he had stale bed-sheets in a hotel, may be that is why his wife got syphilis. He told me that in her presence, my jaws were about falling on the table, while his wife took that bull shit on trust. Later, of course, I told him everything I think about him and about power of his imagination, advising him to be more creative next time. But the fact is that 90% of Uzbek women believe in such fairy tales. So one can make conclusions about our ignorance in that field.

Moreover we still have that psychological phenomenon about “no sex before marriage” because it is simply not allowed. On the other hand TashMI 2 is actively operating along with that phenomenon … so these mutually exclusive things somehow get along in our country.

Finally, as a result of that kind of “no sex before marriage”, in Tashkent men can survive picking up a prostitute or finding European girl with a normal thinking or persuading open-minded Uzbek girl or … but in province where there are no Europeans and very few prostitutes one can find flourishing pederasty and zoophilia – sheep and donkeys are always available.


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  1. Долго искал эту тему, спасибо, было интересно.

    комментарий от Нерон | Январь 25, 2009 | Ответить

  2. А Вы я посмотрю фишку рубите — грамотно написано.

    комментарий от Целебный | Январь 27, 2009 | Ответить

  3. Любое искусство, особенно нетрадиционное, всегда вызывало ожесточенные споры. Думаю, оно просто имеет право на существование, вот и всё!

    комментарий от Наум | Май 28, 2009 | Ответить

  4. Отличный сайт у вас, рекомендую мой скачать фильм носители

    комментарий от IRLeon | Январь 6, 2010 | Ответить

  5. pachemu devki leubet sasat?

    комментарий от shuh | Август 25, 2011 | Ответить


    комментарий от shuh | Сентябрь 17, 2011 | Ответить

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