Мысли сказанные в некуда

What is the PLAN?

As Ben has reported recently January 9 was the last day of Islam Karimov’s term as the president of Uzbekistan — at least according to the Uzbek constitution. And Constitution clearly states that “The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan shall be elected for a term of seven years”. According to the Constitution and the date of last Presidential elections, taking into account the term was extended for two more years, the next presidential election date must be January 9 2007, which already is a part of history. The reason for that is the Uzbek parliament, which decided in 2002 that presidential elections are only to be held “in the year of the expiry of constitutional term of his power — on the first Sunday of the third ten-day period of December” (Constitution, article 117), which makes presidential term 7 years and 11 months.
So, no doubt that current year is going to be decisive period of Uzbekistan’s history, even if the country meets the next New Year’s Eve with the same president. So many possible scenarios are being discussed by different analysts that it is really difficult to predict which of them is the most possible one.

Uznews.net referring to a reliable source in the Uzbek government reports that Uzbekistan will hold a referendum on strengthening the role of political parties in April 2007.

This will be carried out in the following sequence:
First, the Oliy Majlis, the Uzbek parliament, will propose constitutional laws relating to parties for discussion.
Later, on the basis of the referendum results amendments will be introduced to the Uzbek constitution. The matter, most likely, is in a number of chapters of the constitutions, including, of course, Chapter XII “Public Associations”, Chapter XXI “Basics of State Power” and others.

Uznews.net also predicts that approximately in September 2007 one of the political parties (presumably, the Liberal Democratic Party) will put forward Karimov’s candidacy for the post of president. In that case, it is possible that a new party will be introduced short before elections, as it was with “Fidokorlar” and Liberal Democratic Party.

The most important that referendum can be a good possibility to amend article 90 of the Constitution, particularly the provision about limit of two consecutive terms. Since it is rather easy to pass any new law in the parliament and even approve it in referendum, an amendment to the Constitution is not a big issue for Uzbek elite.

Of course, all of the discussed above is a guess-work, but it is in a way being confirmed by authorities. Ferghana.Ru news agency reports that census is under way in Uzbekistan. It began in early January as an element of preparations for the forthcoming presidential election. Local self-government bodies helped by school teachers were put in charge of the census campaign. Who knows may be the results of population census come in handy when referendum is initiated by the parliament.


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