Мысли сказанные в некуда

Maneuvering from democracy to energy resources.

Last week in Russian language blog I reported that the EU sent a delegation lead by Finnish diplomat Anti Turunen to Tashkent in order to investigate to which extent Uzbekistan is ready for dialogue. It seems like the result of that visit was positive and Uzbek side is willing to diversify the circle of its “friends” and leave in fact very limited isolation. Thus a new, more serious delegation was sent to Tashkent in order to begin long-awaited dialog. Recently appointed EU special representative in Central Asia Pier Morel and another EU delegation visited Uzbekistan last week. Morel met with Foreign Minister Vladimir Norov in Tashkent.

The reason for so frequent visits is obvious – energy resources. That fact actually doesn’t credit EU states. Once again, those who talk about democracy and human rights more than others, in fact, care about them less than people looking forward to take a swallow of freedom. On the other hand I can understand European politicians. They represent people who care more about heat and light in their houses (which is natural) than the level of democracy in Uzbekistan or Nigeria. Thus, I would absolutely justify that surprising maneuver if it were the only reason. Geopolitical interests are still ruling the world, and still remaining as the most harmful phenomenon for some nations. Uzbekistan has an excellent geopolitical location and different types of strategic resources, which is in a way punishment for the nation. The reason is expressed but at the same time underestimated by Andrei Grozin forms the institute CIS countries:

All of that taken into consideration, the sarcasm that oil and gas prove more important than democracy is hardly appropriate in this particular case

On the other hand, Registan.net quoted recently one of Uzbek opposition activists, who said: “Gullible Europeans” do not understand Uzbekistan and foolishly think that dialogue will encourage reforms.

Both Yakubov and the author of the article make the point, which I agree with, that Karimov is not a reliable partner, and that any deal for gas with Uzbekistan cannot be depended on to supply Europe for too long.

Every visit of EU delegation was shrouded in a veil of secrecy. It was not surprising that Uzbek media outlets made no mention of them at all, because Tashkent does not want to make its plans known to Moscow. But the fact that Europeans are also (almost) keeping silence, means that they are ready to do everything Tashkent demands in order to contribute to democratization process in the country, which for the moment is done by means of friendship in exchange for energy resources.


Ноябрь 9, 2006 - Posted by | Akuna - English, Международные отношения, Общество, Политика

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